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Elsa was wondering in the same compound as Pebbles. My husband always says the dogs find us and not the other way around... Maybe he is right ;-) Elsa followed a group of kids coming home from school, walked calmly with them to their elevator.

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Pebbles simply wandered into a compound in Pudong. Four amazing guards managed to lure her and put a harness on her. She never growled, she was looking for help. The guards alerted two rescuers of P4P. We took her to the vet immediately and it became very clear she was not your average street dog as she kept kissing the vet.

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Daisy was found at the side of a road absolutely paralysed, unable to move or fend for herself. She had head traumas, either the result of abuse or car accident. This sweet greyhound spent over 2 months in the vets where they lovingly treated her and helped her to walk again.

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This past week has probably been one of the worst weeks in Wawa's life. She was abandoned by her owners as they no longer wanted her and she then spent two days in a highly stressful environment that is a dog shelter. We took her to the vets where we discovered she had a scabies infection.

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