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One of our volunteers visited a large warehouse in the suburbs of Shanghai. To her surprise she saw a 3-legged puppy in a cage. It had been hit by a car and had its leg amputated. It was no place for a pup so we decided to take TianTian to try find her a home.

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Billy wandered inside a compound one evening. The guards had no idea where he came from but caught him and tied him to a tree.

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Xiao Hei is a young female that appeared in a Pudong compound wearing a collar indicating she was either lost or abandoned. She was very nervous around people in the beginning  but eventually became very tame and would love nothing more than sitting on a lap and being stroked.

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Xiao Fu has been living inside a compound for many years. She was spayed around 5 years ago and at 8 years old is considered elderly for a stray cat. Due to her love of people, she was easy prey for the cat catchers and we decided to take and find her a nice home where she can live her golden years.

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