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Trinky was found tied to the steering wheel of a bicycle. After some negotiation, the owner gave Trinky to the rescuer. Although she didnt look well, all medical checks were perfect, she was "just" starved... Give this little sweetheart a chance, she will be forever thankfull!

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This one is 99% adopted, we hope A lovely and very friendly dog, Fred the teddy very cleverly walked into the rescuers building lobby. He was clearly a pet, recently groomed but either lost or abandoned. Attempts to find the owner were unsuccessful as Freddy had no microchip or collar. Freddy’s favourite hobby was humping legs, but thankfully his humping days are over… he has just been snipped!

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Lucky is a gorgeous two year old shelter mix that happens to be currently paralysed. His spine and hind leg broken, that doesn't stop this bundle of fun enjoying his life. He is now receiving the medical treatment he needs to mend his broken body; but thankfully for Lucky his spirit doesn’t need fixing at all. This boy will be walking again, his wheelchair will soon be a thing from the past!

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A one year old street dog, who was seen wandering the local area for many months. Bailey has the much desired eternal puppy look, with beauty as well as brains. He followed the rescuer into her house when she offered help but had no leash. Currently being boarded at the vets waiting for neuter surgery, this cute dog will make an amazing pet.

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