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Mei Mei is a super sweet affectionate cat that was abandoned by her former owner. Living outside, she was far too friendly, making her easy pickings for cat thieves for the meat trade. Around one year old, she adores being stroked, loves attention and from the moment she set foot in the vets after we picked her up, she showed relief and grattitude. Believe us, not many cats purr like a motor at the vets!

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Ultra affectionate, this lady enjoys spending her days lazing in the sun. Rescued from a compound, this clever 5 year old sweetheart will bring you happiness and smiles every day.

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Milly was hiding in the bushes. Story goes her owners dumped her there after moving out. Frightened and frozen, Milly had no trust in those strangers trying to get her in a box. After many failed attempts, the smell of warm food finally lured Milly out of her hiding place. She is recovering in the vets now and is the sweetest girl. Just one years old, she definetely deserves a real home this time!


Please meet Charlie. He was found tied to a railing on Fuxing Lu (on the side of the road not pavement). He had been deliberately starved. He was skin and bones. He was 3.8kg when we got him, now almost 4.8 kg. He is tiny and still a bit shy but the cutest cuddle bear once you gain his trust. Who has a little place in their heart and their home?

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