P4P is dedicated in saving lives of our little friends and to find them loving homes. RescueTreatmentRehabilitationHome. A very important step is the rehabilitation process as pets who are rescued are in a lot of stressed. Most of them had undergo sad conditions and are not ready to be adopted. As we go through with them on this process, there comes a time when they are ready for a foster home to get them ready for adoption. Most of them are even fully rehabilitated only needing a temporary home until they are adopted. 

P4P is very successful in helping pets, yet the adoption rate is much slower than the rescue process. We try our best to put these pets in foster homes, to avoid kennels and dog shelters. 

We are calling for anyone who would like foster a pet. There is no commitment, you can return the pet back to us at any time or even keep them forever! Medical and any treatment expenses will also be covered by P4P.

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