Though it may seem like a no-brainer to shave your dog or cat when summer comes, does it really keep pets cooler? Veterinarians often advise against shaving cats and dogs for a simple reason: Your pet's hair isn't like yours.





Shave your cat?

A pet's coat is designed by nature to keep it cool during the summer and warm in the winter. By shaving your pet you interfere with this built-in temperature regulation. Cats, in particular, are very good at regulating body temperature and really get no benefit from being shaved. Cats will also simply move to a shadier spot when temperatures rise.








Shave your dog?

  • Our dogs don’t sweat like we do. Instead, their cooling process is handled by panting and even some sweating on the paws, having a thick coat will not slow down a dog’s cooling process.

  • Dogs’ coats have several layers, and these layers are essential to your dog’s comfort in the heat. Robbing your dog of this natural cooling system can lead to discomfort and overheating.

  • Your dog’s coat prevents your pup from getting sunburn.

  • Your dog’s coat helps protect her from skin cancer.

  • Dogs with double-coated fur receive protection against biting flies and mosquitoes.



  • 我们的狗狗们不会像我们人类一样流汗。相反,他们的冷却过程是通过口腔呼气调节,甚至有时爪子也会帮忙出汗,厚的毛皮外套不会影响狗狗的冷却过程。

  • 狗狗的毛皮衣服有好几层,这些分层是必不可少的,硬要剥夺它们自然温度调节功能,它们会感觉这种冷却系统方式会导致不适甚至还热。狗狗降温并不是需要剃毛发的,

  • 狗狗的毛发外套可以防止你的小狗被晒伤。

  • 狗狗的毛皮外套可以帮助保护它不受皮肤癌的侵蚀。

  • 狗狗的毛发还可以保护它们防止苍蝇和蚊子的叮咬。


If you do shave your pet:

  • Hire a pro. Most of us have little experience grooming our dogs, and many pets can be skittish, raising the potential for painful accidents.

  • Keep clippers cool. All it takes is a few minutes of use for clipper blades to get hot enough to burn your dog.

  • Leave an inch of hair. This gives your pet enough coat to protect from sunburn and chilly summer nights. Close shave can leave guard hair embedded under the skin. New hair won't grow until these ends fall out, causing irregular growth and often skin problems.

  • Belly up. Shave only her belly. That way, your dog can find a cool surface like a tile or stone floor and lie on it to cool down. Leave the fur on her head, neck and back where the sun beats down. And don't trim that fur that grows between your dog’s paw pads, it offers protection from hot sidewalks



  • 还是把这事交给专业人士来操作。我们大多数人在这方面都没有经验,因为失误会引起它们的痛苦和事故。把狗狗带去宠物美容师这里操作性价比会更高,不会因为自己的失误导致狗狗撕裂割破而费神。

  • 剃毛修剪工具的刀口只需要几分钟热度的使用就足以伤害到狗狗的皮肤。“频繁的间歇停止会让刀口的散热片降温。“并且经常使用润滑剂也能起到降温作用”

  • 剃毛时需要为它们留一英寸的毛发。这样至少你的宠物毛皮外套还可以防止白天的晒伤和夜晚的寒冷。不应该给狗狗贴着皮肤剃毛,这不仅增加狗狗晒伤的风险,而且剃光毛发会让针毛嵌入在皮肤下。“新头发不会增长,直到这些脱落,导致不规则增长和经常性的皮肤问题.

  • 如果你养着一只有着厚厚毛发的狗狗,你请美容师只需要帮它剃腹部的毛发。当它感觉很热的时候,它会去找凉快的地面如瓷砖或石头这里躺下等温度下来。太阳火辣辣地会照着它的头部颈部还有背部,所以这些地方不要帮它们剃毛。还有狗爪垫之间的毛发也不要削减它。当行走在热点的地面上时它可以为狗狗提供保护。



Keep them cool!

  • Never leave your pet in a parked car -- for any length of time . It gets very hot, very fast inside a parked vehicle, and that can be deadly. Just don't do it, even for a short time.

  • Offer clean, cool water. Be sure cats and dogs always have plenty of water. On really hot days, try putting ice cubes in your pet's water bowl.

  • Shelter them from the sun. The prime way dogs cool themselves is through panting. That works best if the air around them is cooler than their body temperature. So be sure your pooch (and kitty) have a shady place to get out of the sun.

  • Keep pets inside when it's really hot. Your pet's normal body temperature can range between 100-103 F. When it's that hot or hotter outside, it can be hard for pets to keep cool through panting. So on really hot days, bring cats and dogs indoors.

  • Brush your pet daily. Brushing your pet removes dead undercoat, helping air to circulate near the skin, keeping pets cooler. An additional benefit: in summer months, pets can get bitten by insects and end up with moist dermatitis, a skin infection, but removing dead, matted hair by brushing helps skin stay drier.

  • Take your dog swimming! Minhang now has it's own doggy swimming pool. Call for details and appointment: 189-0175-5000.



  • 永远不要让你的宠物独自待在车中,不管时间长还是短。天气变得很热,而停放着的车辆的温度会升得很快,对宠物们来说会是致命的。尽管时间很短,也请不要这样做。

  • 多多的保持清洁、提供凉爽的水。猫猫和狗狗都需要充足的水,在很热的天气里,试着把冰块加在宠物水碗里。一些宠物是非常喜欢的。

  • 避免太阳直射它们。狗狗散温的方式是通过口腔散气,效果最好,最好的方式是让周边的温度低于他们自身的温度。所以要确保你的狗(猫)待在一个阴暗的地方远离太阳。

  • 当很热的天气时,最好的方式是让你的宠物待在室内,你的宠物的正常体温范围在100 - 103 f .当外面很热时,要它们完全通过口腔散热是很痛苦的,所以在非常炎热的天气时,请让猫和狗呆在室内。

  • 帮助宠物们梳理毛发。帮助它们梳理毛发上的脏污,还可以帮助皮肤保持空气流通,保持宠物冷却温度,还有一个额外的好处: 在夏季,宠物容易被昆虫咬伤以及皮炎皮肤感染, 但梳理一些乱糟糟的毛发就可以帮助到它们。梳理毛发可以帮助它们皮肤保持干燥。如果你有时间和精力,请每天都帮它们梳理一下

  • 带狗狗可以去游泳:闵行现在有专门的狗狗游泳池,电话预约:18901755000


If your pet does overheat, ACT FAST!

Get your pet to a veterinarian right away -- it could save your pet's life. Signs that your pet may be overheated include problems breathing, excessive panting, drooling, weakness, stupor, and an elevated heart rate. Symptoms can also include seizures, vomiting, a temperature over 104 F, and bloody diarrhea.