Case Study

Billy & Bollie

These little siblings were in a cage 24/7. Two wonderful girls decided to take action instead of just turning away. The pups are 4 to 5 months old, perfectly healthy and will be ready for adoption soon. As with all of our animals, they will be spayed when they are old enough. Extremely friendly and very playful, they will fuzzy up your cold winter days!

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The story of three year old Charles makes for a Hollywood epic. This foxy looking dog made his rescuers try for six months to catch him until finally he was in their arms. His story is far too long for this short flyer. Charles is a very special dog with a beautiful coat and a twinkle in his eye. He will make the most loyal of companions and a wonderful friend.

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Barney is only three months old. He was living in a box on the street, surviving on food scraps. He loves to play and explore things but enjoys his naps too... Bbarney is very funny and will make you smile every day. He is healthy and getting used to housetraining very fast. Who is up for some small cuddles and play time?

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Casper is two years old. He was found wandering in the streets, desperately searching for food. You can see the kindness in his striking light brown eyes. Casper is very affectionate and absolutely adores his foster mum and her cat. He is neutered, vaccinated and completely housetrained. Casper is ready to find his forever home... Casper

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