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Princess was found at a few weeks old alone and very sick on the street. She was picked up by a lady who took her to the hospital and then abandoned her there, taking no responsibility for her whatsoever. The vet asked if we could help get a home for this kitten and we happily obliged knowing this beautiful tabby could find a family instead as of growing up in a cage.
Princess 是在几周前在路上被救助的,当时它孤零零的健康状况很差。一个阿姨捡到她把她送到了医院,遗憾的是后来就把它遗留在了医院没有再来看望照顾它。医生向我们寻求帮助希望我们能够帮助这个落魄的小小公主找家,我们接手帮助了她,希望她不要再待在那个冰冷的笼子里,等待她的是一个温暖的家,让她快乐长大。

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