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Walter, Henrietta and Petunia were found inside an internal wall in an apartment building lobby. Only 3 weeks old at the time of rescue, no mother was seen. The same week in the compound many cats were poisoned, so it's possible that their mother was on of the victims. Beautiful, playful and incredibly cute, these kittens are ready to go to their new homes!
Walter, Henrietta and Petunia 在公寓大厅的夹墙内被我们救出,救出时它们只有三周大,没有猫妈妈在身边。同一星期那个小区的很多流浪猫被残忍毒死,它们的妈妈可能是受害者之一。活泼可爱的三只小猫咪希望能有温暖有爱心的新家。

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