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Some rescues make your heart shrink. Tinky had thin string wrapped 3 times around her neck and we believe someone meant to kill her. This string cut her neck open like a knife, possibly after she was then pulled by a scooter. Despite the agony and terror she suffered, she was gentle to her rescuer and the hospital staff that helped her. Her wounds are being cleaned every day and her and with time we expect her to make a full recovery. In the meantime, she still wags her tail in her incredible spirit. 
Tinky: 彩虹,一个美丽的名字,寄托着P4P所有成员对它未来无限的祝福,当我们在小区草丛中发现它时,哀求的眼神,蜷缩着瑟瑟发抖的身体,脖子上触目惊心的刀痕,都告诉我们它经历了一场噩梦,的它差点成为人渣的盘中餐。我们救助了它并送医院检查治疗,当医生给它清理检查伤口时,它依旧摇着尾巴,依旧选择相信人类,很懂事知道我们在极力帮助它,我们不知道谁对这个美好的天使下了这样的毒手,好在命运没让我们错过这个坚强的女孩,愿意和我们一起帮助它吗?让我们一起帮助它重获新生!它定会成为你的彩虹,为你生活增添色彩。

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