Ways to Contribute

We have the cause, you have the effect. 


1. Become a Member 

Join the 300 Club! The concept is to get 300 people to donate at least 100 RMB per month. With this money we can fund medical bills, boarding costs etc of injured, sick and abandoned animals. 

In return, you will be invited to our Monthly Meet-Up, you will get a monthly update of all our cases through email or WeChat. Plus, we have a great group to help you with any abandoned animals you may find yourself. And last but not least, we have an open accounting policy, whereby you can see  how every RMB is spent.

2. Transportation of Pets

Transportation of our animals is one of our biggest challenges. People for Pets do not have their car /van and currently we rely heavily on Uber and friends to provide transport. The reluctance of some taxi drivers to transport pets, especially the bigger ones, creates a real problem sometimes. If you have access to a car and can spare it a few hours per week, please let us know! 

3. Become a Foster 

Foster homes are the back bone of our organization. Without foster homes we simply cannot help animals. When an animal is found, the first step is to always to take them to the vet for a check-up. If any medical attention is required, the animal will stay at the vets. As soon as they have recovered sufficiently to leave the vets, we like to place the animal in a home. Apply now to be a foster yourself!

Boarding an animal in the vets diverts money that could be spent on medical bills, but more importantly dogs and cats recover much quicker in a warm home environment. Cold cages are scary, the noises of other animals are scary and no matter how well intended, they never receive the same attention like in their own home. Pets true personalities flourish in foster homes and they can finally relax. So please, if you can donate a little bit of time and a small room in your house, even for just a little while, let us know!

4. Write Educational Articles

Did you ever Google search “How to register you dog in Shanghai?" If you did, you would have probably been more confused afterwards due to a lot of outdated and conflicting information. 

We believe providing up-to-date information about pet ownership provides a great public service. We also are looking for writers of fun articles such as tips to train your dog or the best dog-friendly venues in Shanghai. If you have a great idea, put on your writing hat and let us know!

5. Fly Me Home – Adoption Abroad

Without a doubt, this is one of our most challenging and rewarding projects. P4P is currently working together with rescue organizations in Germany and England with more countries in the pipeline. The idea is to send some animals overseas where adoption is difficult in Shanghai due to issues such as  certain disabilities and whereby life in a different country will provide the animal with access to better medical care. 

The process is simple, you let us know when you will be flying to Europe or the US (the sooner we know, the better). A P4P volunteer will meet you in the airport in Shanghai with the pet for Check-In. When arriving at your destination, you pick up the pet together with your luggage. A local P4P volunteer will meet you at Arrivals. Good deed done!

6. Fundraising / Sponsorship

The more money we have, the more animals we can help - it's as simple as that. Aside from the monthly contributions of our great P4P members, we are also looking for creative new ideas to increase our income. The possibilities are endless, from waffle sales at school markets to corporate sponsorship. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. 

7. Participation at Events

Shanghai is a bubbling city and every week there is at least one event which would be a perfect platform to extend our reach. It is really important to participate in these events to promote P4P. Unfortunately our time is limited, so we are looking for great P4P ambassadors to represent P4P on these events. Got a few free hours? Please let us know! 

8. Translation 

P4P strives to be bilingual in order to reach out to as many people as possible. We currently have 4 wonderful ladies in our translation team. Communication is done through WeChat or Email and will only take a short time. If you would like to offer your language skills and join our translation team, please let us know!

 9. Design 

Do you know your way around Pixelmator or Photoshop? Do you have an inspiring idea for a new campaign? Any idea or brainstorm is more then welcome, we are always looking for fresh, new ideas!

10. Spread the Word

Word of mouth costs nothing, though the result of sharing our message can be priceless. 

Tell everyone about us, scan our QR code or share our posts on different media outlets.