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Joining the 300 Club. This club is for those of you who would like to make monthly donations to go towards the costs of vet bills and rehabilitation.Join Now!



Become a foster! We are always in need of people who can offer a temporary home to any of our rescues and help with their road to recovery. This is the perfect option for those who miss having the companion of a dog but are not permitted to relocate their pet back into their home country.



Help spread the word! We would love to have the support from the wider community and become a recognised charity group. Word of Mouth costs nothing, but the result can be priceless.

Wang Ayi'd Dog Shelter Introduction


We are dedicated to facilitate the adoption of companion animals from shelters, private rescuers or the street that are deemed “unadoptable” due to untreated medical conditions, some of which are caused by abuse and neglect.


We are currently supported by great veterinarians that help treat any existing medical conditions which might hinder the animal’s adoption, and then, directly place the animal in foster or adoptive homes.


About Us

We are a small group of experienced rescuers working to bridge some of the crucial gaps in animal welfare and protection here in China. We aim to help existing rescuers and charities better manage networks and resources through sustainable fund raising and education programming.

We believe in tackling problems at their root and aiding those that need help the most. We believe that every companion animal has the right to a life free from emotional and physical suffering. Our rescue philosophy focuses on the quality of life of every companion animal; the well-being and dignity of each animal is our main concern. We are ‘People for Pets” and the goal of our organisation is to help our friends in need.

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Where do the dogs P4P come from?

Every dog at the shelter has had a horrible past, where do these dogs come from?

We can roughly divide all their stories in three general categories:

Found on the street
These dogs are either abandon by their previous owner or born in the streets. Our priority is to rescue dogs from dangerous places, like high speed roads and tunnels; also dogs that are injured or ones who cannot survive on their own – for example blind, severely hurt, pregnant or senior dogs, mothers, puppies, etc. 
Pound/PetShop rescue
Dogs that are capture by the authorities and bought to the dog pound or dogs that are left by their owners who is either leaving the country.
Used for breeding
Dogs are used by dealers to make money. By doing so the dealers condemning them to a life consisting only of mating, getting pregnant and giving birth. If the dogs cannot be part of this horrible cycle any more they are considered useless so they are being killed.

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